Representative's Thoughts

Kijuro started this sushi and sake restaurant in 2016 to pass on Japanese culture to the next generation of Japanese people and to share the beauty of Japan with the world.

I took advantage of my 18 years of experience living in the U.S. and the sushi I learned during my time in the U.S., and came up with "Ate Maki," a style that is innovative but does not stray from the lines of Japanese cuisine.

The idea of using a sushi roll as a sake snack was controversial at the time、
but it was highly regarded in the restaurant industry as a novel style.
Rice as a snack? But in fact, it is the flavor of the seaweed and the fermented taste of the filling, rather than the rice, that creates the perfect marriage with sake.
While the quality and the preference of the "Atemaki" is up to us, there are many sake breweries all over Japan that already produce excellent tasting sake.
We simply choose from a wide variety of sake and pair it with a variety of different appetizers.

Sake is becoming more and more recognized around the world for its excellence.
I am sure that the majority of new generation of Japanese people are not aware of the value for Japanese sake as much as people in different countries appreciate.
Our mission is to pass onto the wonderfulness of Japanese food and sake to the younger generation, and also sharing it with the people in other countries.

A fermentation story that can only be encountered here with sake and appetizers.

The menu lines up mostly fish,as sashimi, charbroiled and sushi rolled.
Today's atemaki and Today's marinated roll change contents daily.
Popular items are since the opening of the restaurant, sujiko(salted salmon roe),and toro taku( tuna belly and smoky pickled radish), unagi cream cheese(fresh water eel and cream cheese), mentaiko to karasumi(cod roe over mullet roe)and nonbei maki(sashimi and salted tuna guts).
In addition to Atemaki, we also purchase fresh fish from the Toyosu Market every day, so we recommend the sashimi platter and char-grilled fish.
The "three-items assortment of appetizers" to go with sake, such as oysters in oil, unotan marinated in soy sauce, white baiji clams, and kijuro potato salad, is an iron plate menu item that is sure to go well with sake, so please order it first when you come to the restaurant.

Company Profile

Company Name Kijuro Co., Ltd.
Business Description Management of restaurants, planning and operation of restaurants
Number of employees 7 at this business location (including 4 female employees)
Total number of employees 7 at this office (including 4 female employees)
Location 1-30-15 Akebono-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0012
Founded in 2016